Drawer Update and Seasonal Sizing

My drawer!

My drawer! PL Stalowka, PL Cielus, CHP Brzoskwinka, Andorra (pearl), Paige (coral), PL Onyks, PL Black, Andorra (black), Paris (black)

So if you’re familiar with any of my previous drawer updates, you’ll notice that my drawer looks pretty different now than it did not too long ago! Here are all the bras that you’re used to hearing about:

My box of 28Fs

My box of 28Fs. Rhea (blue/fawn), PL Onyks, PL Stalowka, Paige (ivory/black), Paige (coral), Paige (lemon/white), Meg, Andorra (black), Arielle, Pollyanna (black), Paris (black)

They are tucked away in a box. Why? Because my boobs inflated!

I’m currently wearing 26G/28FF-26GG/28G bras, so all of my smaller lovelies will have to wait in their box until my breasts shrink back down. Recently I’ve been throwing around the term “seasonal sizing,” and that’s something that I’d like to talk about in more detail now.

Last winter, my breasts grew to about the size they are now as well. I didn’t think much of it and figured it was just a temporary fluctuation, so I got through the season wearing a Freya Deco (28F), Strapless Deco (30F), Edina (28FF) Jolie (28FF) and a bunch of bras that were too small in the cups. When the warmer weather hit, my cup size decreased and I found that 28F bras fit best again, just as they did in the previous warmer seasons. So what does this mean? Well, if I’ve increased a cup size again this winter (independent of my monthly cycle) it means I will likely continue to increase and decrease in size as the warmer and cold weather comes and goes. Thus, the term seasonal sizing is born.

So instead of wearing bras that really don’t fit remarkably well for many months at a time, I’ve decided to build a bra wardrobe for my larger size as well as my smaller size, hence the totally different looking contents of my drawer (okay not totally, I didn’t stray too far from my previous bra styles). Now, to explore why my size would increase in the colder months…

  • I’m less active in the winter. I don’t exercise a lot as it is, but in the winter I stop walking and biking as much. I probably gain a bit of weight as a result.
  • I tend to eat junkier food during the months that I’m attending school, which coincides with Fall/Winter. Once again, it probably contributes to come weight gain.

So there you have it. Seasonal Sizing! 26FF in the Spring and Summer, 26G in the Fall and Winter. Anyone else deal with Seasonal Sizing? If not, what sort of fluctuations do you guys have to deal with?