We Are All Fine

Yesterday I was feeling a little bit grumpy. I had just completed my last essay of the school term, but the stress of school still lingered around since I still had to proofread it and hand it in. While I was getting ready for work, the grumps already in full force, I put on my black Paris bra, but something didn’t seem… right. I began evaluating myself in the mirror, and realized that Paris was basically rounding out my natural shape, lifting a bit but not incredibly so. I point out that I was already grumpy because I think that very much contributed to my reaction to this realization. I would look at myself in the mirror and think “why can’t my boobs be this and that,” or “why can’t this bra do this and that,” etc. But then I stopped my train of thought and said to myself, “what’s wrong with my shape?”

With everything I think about women and body image, sporting my natural shape should be right in line with my ideals, and typically I consider it a desirable shape. On other women I honestly find it beautiful. It’s so easy to put your thoughts into effect when evaluating others, but we’re always our own biggest enemy, worst critic, whatever you want to call it. For those fifteen minutes when I was changing my shirt, adjusting my straps, just generally fidgeting, I kind of forgot that my natural shape is pretty nice! I was judging myself according to the highly pushed up shape that has been naturalized to some extent. But I mean, I KNOW boobs don’t sit at our collarbones, and even though I know that completely I still slipped for a moment and thought “my shape isn’t good enough, and I need a bra to make it better.” And don’t get me wrong, the pushed up look is fun from time to time, and I love my Ewa Michalak bras for performing lifting action that I once thought was impossible, but we should not forget to value our own shapes for what they are.

I should be clear that I’m not suggesting we all go braless now (unless you want to!), because going braless equals a lot of jiggling, and jiggling is not something I am crazy about. I am suggesting that we don’t necessarily accept the round barbie-esque profile as the optimal shape. After I worked all of this out in my head I looked completely different when I saw myself in the mirror. I was still wearing the same shirt and the same bra, looking in the same mirror in the same lighting, but I looked fine. No problems, nothing to be upset about, and I would say the same for someone double my size or half my size. I’m fine, the bra is fine, everything is fine. I vow to be a bit less obsessive, and go back to enjoying mine, and everyone else’s natural shapes (and give my sincerest apologies to my Paris bra for doubting her).