Ewa Michalak PL Lilia Reviewed… Kind of

Hi everyone! So as the title suggests this is only “kind of” a review. The reason for this being that I’m not sure if my PL Lilia is a defect or not. I was under the impression that PL Lilia and PL Onyks were essentially the same bra, the Onyks in black and the Lilia in white. But the fit of the Lilia is completely different.

PL Lilia

PL Lilia

First of all, the band is INSANELY tight. I can’t even put the bra on without an extender, and I need two to wear it comfortably (though two extenders certainly is not a secure, comfortable feeling). Secondly, the cups are huge on me. All my other PLs have fit small, but these cups seemed more like a true to size 28G, perhaps fitting a bit large. The bra itself is quite beautiful, but definitely a bit too shiny for my taste. It does not look like a “gaudy” shiny, but it does scream “bridal” to me. Not a look I’m crazy about! Though the transparent band featuring white polkadots is truly adorable.

This bra comes with the same set of straps as the Onyks: comfort straps, a halter strap, and a set of normal fully adjustable straps. It closes with three sets of two hook and eye closures.

If you’re interested in purchasing this bra I would head over to Obsessed With Breasts review of the PL Lilia, as I think is it more reliable.

So this ends my giant Ewa Michalak review week. Hope it was helpful and enjoyable! I learned that I actually quite like the shape the CHP gives me, and I can’t wait to give their HP and upcoming S styles a try.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that the center gore dug in quite badly on me in this style. It felt as though the wires were literally pointing toward toward my sternum at the center, that’s the best way I can explain it anyway. I think this contributed to the cups shooting outward away from my body. It’s difficult to explain exactly how that makes sense, but when you actually have the bra on, it seems to make perfect sense shape-wise.