Undiegamer Asks: Do you know anything about the soft cup deco?

So I titled this post as though I’m going to continue to do “Undiegamer Asks” entries in the future, like it’s a thing, but frankly I haven’t made any plans to. Perhaps I will.

Anyway, the title is pretty obvious. I’m kind of interested in the soft cup Deco bra from Freya. I read in one review on Figleaves that the band runs right, especially compared to newer Freya styles. Then on bratabase I found a 28FF that has been measured, and the fully stretched band is about 28 inches. 28 is a bit looser than I would like from my bras, but that’s better than a lot of Freya styles that come up around 29 or 30 inches!

I’m just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this bra? Does one order their “deco” size with it? (a cup size down form their normal Freya size) Or do they order their normal size, as with Deco re-imaginings like Carly, Taylor, etc? Basically I’m trying to decide if I would need a 28F or 28FF, bearing in mind that I have been leaning toward FF in general in most bras recently (though in a regular Deco an F would probably be my best fit).

Can anyone help little ol’ Windie?