Ewa Michalak PL Onyks Revisited

I won’t spend as much time on this review as my others, as I wrote a full review in a previous post when my smaller size fit me. Just search “Onyks” in the search bar if you’re interested in reading a thorough review! What I’d like to do here is highlight the differences between the two sizes that I have: 28FF and 28G.

PL Onyks, 28G. I LOVE this bra

Kay, so in case you didn’t notice, I love this bra. The matte black finish, the super comfy straps, that “slightly pointy but not” shape I mentioned in the Stalowka review. It’s all good. In the case of my 28FF Onyks, the comfort straps were thinner at the back where they adjust and also longer. On my 28G, they are a bit thicker and shorter. I am delighted about this as those comfort straps were just a bit too long for me, but these work smashingly! And god, are they ever comfortable.

PL Onyks, three-quarter view. Love the shape

The Onyks in a 28G is ultra secure. The back now fastens with four sets of three hooks and eyes. It’s also more snug than my 28FF, which is actually too snug for me! I can get the bra on, but it’s too suffocating, so I’ll be getting a three hook extender to wear this bra for a little while. The variance in bands with Ewa Michalak can be a bit tricky sometimes.

PL Onyks, side view

What I love about the Onyks is the cups manage to fit both my bigger and smaller sides perfectly without the push-up pads. It feels like one big boob hug.

Back view of the super tight band.

Something my recent Ewa Michalak order has taught me is that I probably need to go up a cup side in general. I am currently doubling over most of my 28F bras, so I’m considering starting a nice little collection of FF bras as well. I think I have what I will now refer to as “seasonal sizes.” During the summer my size shrank from the awkward “in between size” down to a fairly regular 28F. Now that the cold weather is here and I’m not very active, I seem to have put on some boob weight, making FF bras an over all better fit. I ordered a 28FF Miss Mandalay Paris a while ago to confirm if FFs would work well for me or not, and it’s pretty much a perfect fit aside from being a touch high under the arms (but not uncomfortably so). So my pretty little 28Fs that I love so much are in a box so I don’t have to look at them all the time and think “why can’t I wear you!?” Boobs are so erratic.

I’m so glad I ordered these bras. I feels great to have some perfectly fitted bras in my collection even with size fluctuations amidst.

Just want to put the message out there that all of my reviews were done when the F bras were fitting nicely, so you don’t have to worry about that information being “faulty.” The only one I would consider problematic is my Miss Mandalay Paris review, as I did not notice the extend to which the bra cut into the top of my chest throughout the day until after posting the review, and that was pretty close to when my size started expanding. My apologies about that. I’ll be editing it soon.

One more review to come! The PL Lilia, the only one of the bunch that did not fit.