Ewa Michalak PL Stalowka Reviewed

The PL Stalowka has definitely become one of my favourite bras. The colour is beautiful. It’s kind of grey, kind of purple, and 100% awesome. I was also delighted to find that it’s not too shiny, as I tend to have a thing for bras with a more matte appearance.

PL Stalowka, 28G

I got the Stalowka in a 28G, which is a fantastic fit, nearly perfect except that it is ever-so slightly big on my small side. Since the Stalowka comes with push-up pads though, I can just pop one in and even myself out. I’ve never really had the option of fitting both my sides perfectly before, and I really love it! The band is very firm, even a bit too firm I would say. After it stretches out from a couple of wears it should be perfect. For comparison, this bra in a 28G is tighter than the PL Black in a 26GG.

PL Stalowka, side view

I’ve never had a bra seem so projected and so compact all at once. I feel very secure in this bra, there is no spilling out the top, middle sides, anywhere! The shape is projected upward and outward. I think the amount of upward lift is what makes it feel so compact. As you can see the appearance from the side is slightly pointed, definitely not pointy, but just more natural in appearance than say, the CHP style. Under clothing it looks like a pretty normal kind of rounded, kind of natural breast shape, but lifted WAY higher than it should be. It’s really flattering with a V-neck tee.

Stalowka back view. I can close it without difficulty, but it feels a bit tight so I’m wearing it with an extender on the last hook for the time being. Of course there is no extender in the photo though.

The straps on the Stalowka are half adjustable, and even on my petite frame it’s enough. When the straps stretch out I imagine I will have to alter them though. The bra closes with three sets of two hook and eye closures.

Once the band on this baby stretches out a little bit it will be perfect. I’m so glad this bra worked for me as I got quite attached to the colour! And frankly, a bra being too tight is a welcome change from the norm of being able to fasten a bra on the tightest hooks right away.

Two more reviews to come! One of the PL Onyks (again) and the other of PL Lilia.