Ewa Michalak CHP Brzoskwinka Reviewed

This bra is not a perfect match for me simply because of the half cup style. I already knew that CHP bras weren’t perfect for my shape, but I couldn’t resist the beautiful peach colour and lace overlay on the front of the band. I also didn’t expect the peachy colour to be a close match for my skin tone! If this bra had less sheen, it would be a fantastic nude option (with sheen it’s a medium nude option!).

CHP Brzoskwinka front view, 28FF. Don’t mind my red marks, I was wearing a bra with a higher gore earlier!

The band in a 28 is a perfect fit. This bra definitely has a lot less stretch than the PL Black. I’d say this bra in a 28 is perhaps a tad more snug than the Black in a 26, but only by a negligible amount. The cups “fit,” but I do experience a bit of gaping occasionally as a result of the half cup style not being a perfect match for my breast shape.

Brzoskwinka three quarter view

The straps are fully adjustable, and I LOVE how thin they are. I’m pretty puny, so I often find that full bust bra straps dwarf my tiny frame. No such issues here. There is a chance you could find these straps too thin if you prefer a thicker more supportive strap, but personally I love them. The Brzoskwinka closes with three sets of two hook and eye closures. The shape is pretty projected and very round. It’s not my ideal shape, but I do like having a variety of shapes in my lingerie drawer, and it looks quite lovely under scoop necklines. I honestly wouldn’t be crazy about this bra though if I didn’t love the looks of it so much.

Brzoskwinka side view

I plan to wear this bra mostly under sweaters as the bulk (at least with my particular sweaters) will help downplay the projected shape, while still letting me enjoy the roundness and uplifted appearance I get in this bra. Frankly, I kind of love this bra most with no clothes on at all, which is certainly a reason that I’m keeping it.

Back view. Perfect fit!

So even though this bra is not a perfect match for me, I still love it, and it is a nice fit. You’ll probably love it even more than me if you dig the projected, super rounded shape. It’s just a bit too much for me. I don’t really need my boobs entering a room before the rest of me. I look forward to trying Ewa’s HP style sometime, as it’s also a half cup with less projection. I’ll just have to wait for an HP design that really catches my attention.

More reviews to come!


EDIT: The more I wear this bra the more I love it. My size has definitely been increasing lately, and I find that with my increased size I can fill out the half cup better than when I first reviewed this bra. It’s an absolutely lovely fit with zero gaping in my current size. One of my favourite bras for sure!