Ewa Michalak PL Black Reviewed

I’ve decided to kick off this series of Ewa Michalak reviews with the lovely PL Black. In a way I was most interested to see how the Black would fit, as it was the only 26 I ordered in the batch. I had found from multiple sources that the band on the Black ran quite loose/stretchy, so I decided that it would be the right opportunity to finally try a 26 from Ewa Michalak.

PL Black, 26GG

So I want to start by expressing something great (at least for me) about EM bras. I often find myself somewhere in between a UK 28F and FF, but often when I would want to size up to the FF I just cannot because the wires/material comes up too high under the arms for my petite frame. So it becomes a choice of a bit of pillowing in the front, or discomfort on the sides. EM’s wires come up very low on the sides, so sizing up to get rid of doubling over is no problem. This bra is a perfect fit in a 26GG. The band is definitely on the stretchy side, as I  found this band to be pretty much equivalent in size to the 28s that I also ordered. The cups encase all of my breast tissue with no spillage out the front or sides, and the straps are just thick enough to be comfortable without being so thick they they remind me of grandma’s bras. I might get a bit of gaping if I lay down or slouch to the extreme, but that’s completely reasonable as it’s unlikely that a bra can fit you regardless of the position you’re in. Bras are not as flexible as we are!

PL Black, three-quarter view. Nice view of the lace detailing and strap adornment

The shape the Black gives differs a bit from my PLs that come with the removable push pads (this bra does not come with those). This shape is more rounded, whereas the other PLs retain a bit more of the natural breast shape (they’re slightly pointed, I mean). The difference is small, but I thought worth mentioning. The padding in this bra is also a bit thinner than the PLs with removable pads, and somehow feels a bit less “sturdy.” It’s by no means unsupportive, it just seems lighter. it is similar to the PL Cielus in this way.

PL Black side view

The Black features fully adjustable straps and three sets of two hook and eye closures. The lace manages to remain hidden under my looser fitted/thicker tees and sweaters, but the texture will show under thin fitted tops. Since tops like that are nearly non-existant in my wardrobe, this is still a practical bra for me despite it’s beautiful, lacy appearance.

Over all, I’d say it’s a good idea to size down in the band from your normal EM size in this style. I also found that the wires dig in at the front of the bra right under my breast tissue after a long day of wear. This also happened to me with previous EM orders, and after some “breaking in,” it stops and becomes quite comfortable. I think it’s because the wires EM uses for her bras are so thin, but I could be wrong about this. This bra is definitely a success, and I’m very glad I finally broke out of my “size box” and ordered a G (in this case, GG!). I just had this idea in my head for so long that my size was 28F-FF, and nothing else. But from brand to brand (and country to country) sizing can differ so much, and what’s important is finding your particular size with every brand. Sometimes we fixate way too much on the little letters and numbers on the tags, but really it’s all about getting the right fit.

More reviews to come all week!