It’s 2:03 AM

… and I’m hanging out with friends playing video games, but really what I feel like doing is blogging about my Ewa Michalak bras. Is that sad? This is going on day two of our hangout and I didn’t expect to be having a second sleep over, so I’m not surprised I feel anxious about it. I just want to crank out the reviews!

Expect lots of gushing about my new Ewa Michalak bras tomorrow. I actually do NOT want any more bras for a while now. My drawer is fully stocked and any more bras (other than wireless ohhh lulu longline bras, which would be unique to the collection) would probably be superfluous. I like that with my current collection I have a decent number of padded and unpadded bras to suit my mood, a number of sizes to suit my fluctuations as they happen, and a fantastic number of colours and shapes to suit various types of clothing. It feels like after lots of work to find the bras that work best for me, I finally have an awesome drawer full of lingerie that perfectly suits my tastes.

By the way, my friends and I are working on a Let’s Play youtube channel. If you don’t know, Let’s Plays are essentially when one or some number of people record themselves playing a video game, and while you watch the game being played  you can hear their voices making commentary. I’d love to share that and my Etsy store with all of you, so I’m doing some serious thinking about whether or not I want my identity to remain a secret on this blog. I think even if I told you all my real name, I would still sign all of my posts with “Windie,” since I’ve become kind of attached to the name! Perhaps more updates about that in the near future.