Update About Paris

Regular readers will remember that my Paris bra from Miss Mandalay unfortunately began to fray at the ribbons at the top of the cups quite soon after receiving it. I contacted Large Cup Lingerie, where I bought the bra, and explained the situation. They contacted Miss Mandalay to ask about a replacement bra. Since Miss Mandalay was sold out of Paris bras in my size, the offered to send me Paige in the ivory/black colourway as a replacement. Both Miss Mandalay and Large Cup Lingerie were very apologetic, though really it was a mistake that was pretty much out of everyone’s control and I don’t place blame on either of them. Defects happen! It’s rare, but we’re not robots and it’d be impossible to create a perfect bra every time. I’m extremely impressed with how kindly both Miss Mandalay and Large Cup Lingerie dealt with the situation, and I’ll definitely continue to make purchases from both in part because of how fantastic their service was.

My ivory/black Paige arrived today and I love it! I honestly wasn’t wowed by the photographs of it because I tend to be a bigger fan of subtle colours, not harsh contrast. The ivory is so soft though, it works nicely with my pale skin. I’ll post some photos of it sometime for you all to see.

Note that neither Miss Mandalay or Large Cup Lingerie asked me to post about this experience, I just wanted to share the experience with you .

Also a little tip, I used clear nail polish to seal the fraying on my Paris and the results were actually quite positive! It’s not completely invisible, but it did stop the fraying and the nail polish holds up fine during washes. I definitely won’t be as worried about the fraying spreading too far down the ribbon now.

This was just a quick little update about that whole situation, I’ll have some bigger posts coming up in the near future! Til then,