How My Bras Have Held Up Over Time

Hi everyone! So reviews are pretty helpful, but typically a bra is being reviewed when it is quite new. I always wonder how well a bra will continue to perform after a couple months of wear. For that reason, I’ve decided to let you all know how well my bras have held up over time so you’ll have even more information when you decide if a bra is right for you. Note that I’ll only be writing about bras that I’ve had long enough to give a good test run, so not all of my bras will be in this post as a couple are newish. Let’s get crackin’!

Miss Mandalay Paige, 28F

When I first put on Paige, I declared it my favourite bra ever. After about three and a half months of wear, I still feel warm and fuzzy about it (though it has competition now that I’ve found my size with Ewa Michalak)! I very recently moved onto the second hook, and it feels like new again. I wore this bra a lot, so I’m not surprised that I’ve made to move to the second hook rather quickly. My yellow Paige, which I’ve had for about three months, still feels very firm on the first hook. I’m a little bit bigger now than when I first bought Paige, so it does cut into the top of my breast tissue a bit when I put my shoulders all the way back, but not when I stand at ease with normal, good posture. This bra has held up very well and I definitely still recommend it.

Panache Andorra, 28F

Andorra and I have had a rocky relationship, and ultimately did not end up working for me. When I tried Andorra in a 28FF, the band felt nice and snug (looser than Paige, but snug enough). The cups ended up being too large, so I exchanged it for a 28F. The cups ended up working well, but the band seemed stretchier somehow. It felt nice enough when I first put it on, but after a couple of hours I felt the need to tug at it as I could feel it riding up my back (not too badly, but it’s still quite uncomfortable). The shape also looked quite lovely when I first put it on, but eventually felt seemed a bit droopy. I do think this bra is great, but not a match for me. In a 26 it would probably work nicely though. I still recommend this bra if you are in the size range, but not for someone who could use a 26 band.

Cleo Meg, 28F

I still love Meg! I think I’ve had Meg for almost two months, and it has held up nicely. The cups have stretched out a little bit, which is perfect since the red part of the upper section of the cups did cause a bit of a disruption in the shape of the bra. The band still feels nice and snug (still on the loosest set of hooks), but of course not as tight as when I first bought it. I always feel fantastic when I wear this bra, and if I happen to be in front of a mirror when I’m wearing it I might catch a second glance to admire just how beautiful it is. I definitely still recommend this bra, it works very nicely on me despite usually needing a 26.

Ewa Michalak PL Onyks, 28FF

This bra felt like more like a 26FF to me, as Ewa Michalaks have a tendency to run quite tight. After quite a bit of steady wear since getting it in early September, the band has loosened up to an even more comfortable size (it was a tad too snug at first I would say), and is still wearable on the loosest hooks. I LOVE this bra, but I do find that I tend to spill out the middle a bit as the day goes on, and don’t feel quite as anchored and secure as I like form my bras. Since trying a 28G from Ewa Michalak I’ve determined that is the best size for me, so (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post) I have this bra on its way in a 28G and couldn’t be more excited about it. Highly recommend this bra.

Ewa Michalak PL Cielus, 28G

I haven’t actually had the PL Cielus for very long, but I felt I should say something about it. I found when I put it on for the first time that I needed to start on the second hook immediately. The band on the Cielus is stretchier than that of the Onyks, so my best size in this bra would have been a 26GG. I’ve heard the PL Black is also stretchy, which is why I have it coming in a 26GG instead of 28G. It may be important when ordering from Ewa Michalak to check Bratabase or search for reviews to know whether you’re in for  stretchier band or not. That being said, this is one of my favourite bras. I still wear it on the second hook, but I can close it on the third as well fairly easily. Thankfully this bra has four closures, so it still has a considerable amount of life. When it bites the dust eventually I will definitely replace it with a 26GG.

Masquerade Rhea, 28F

Rhea is still as lovely as when I first got her. But the thing is, I barely reach for her. One reason for this is that I’m at the cusp of spilling over the bra, and would probably benefit form a 28FF. Another is that it’s a half cup, a very revealing half cup. I like to feel anchored in my bra, and I don’t really get that feeling in Rhea. I see this as a bra for specific occasions and outfits, but I’m kind of a hermit, so I don’t really go to special occasions or wear fancy outfits. I cannot bring myself to get rid of Rhea because I bet one day I’ll have the perfect top or dress for her, but for now she doesn’t get much wear. I’ll have to be a tavern wench for halloween one year and wear Rhea as part of the costume. Perfect wench cleavage if you ask me! I definitely still recommend Rhea though. If you like a little “umph” in your bras then this could be perfect for you, I know it’s a favourite of a friend of mine!

I had a lot of fun writing this! If I get a good response about this post I’ll update you on some of my other bras, like Miss Mandalay’s Paris and Cleo’s Marcie as they get more wear. I always want to know how well a bra is going to hold up before I purchase, so hopefully this will be helpful for some of you!