A General Update About Art, Bras and Games

I haven’t done a general life update in a while, so let’s do that right now.

Hi everyone. I am tired. Want to know why? Because I am in my fourth year of University studying Art (focus on photography, drawing and art history).

And I post this while I should be writing a paper about Leonardo Da Vinci

I feel completely exhausted by my program at this point. I love making art, but the environment has gone from constructive to stifling. In the last six months or so I’ve really come into my own style and discovered what kind of art I love to create, but when I need to be concerned about pleasing a professor and class of twenty other budding artists with their own ideas, it becomes overwhelming. I’m certainly not saying I slack, because when I make art I give it my all, and I’m also definitely not saying I don’t want to hear any criticisms about my art, because criticism is what has helped develop my art in the past. But when you have a video artist coming at you with his ideas, a fashion photographer with her’s, and a professor with a background in feminist art, how can you possibly please everyone? How can everyone’s suggestions be right for you?

I often hear from my current professor say that my art is too safe, too quiet. But if I don’t consider that a negative, then I can’t really take that as constructive feedback. I love that my art is quiet and that it doesn’t take “artistic risks” and “blur the boundaries of whatever.” So given that these are aspects about myself that come out in my art, should my art not be judged with that as a given rather than trying to turn all art into something that has to speak boldly, create tension, etc? Rather than make me into an artist that I am not? I feel as though feedback and criticism should be used to steer people down the path they’ve shown interest or talent in, not to make them into your own idea of what is “best.”

Before this post becomes entirely about my current experiences with art school, I should move on. I think you all get the point.

In other news, I received my PL Stalowka from Ewa Michalak in a 28FF. If you didn’t see my previous post, this is the bra I am referring to:

PL Stalowka. Guh, love it. Image from Ewa Mihalak’s website.

As I thought, it is a little bit small. I decided to be a big spender and also have it made in a 28G so that I can wear this gorgeous creature in my current size as well as when I inevitably go through smaller phases. You could say I have been bit by the Ewa bug, as along with the extra Stalowka I also ordered PL Onyks and PL Lilia both in 28G, PL Black in 26GG, and CHP Brzoskwinka in 28FF.

PL Onyks

PL Lilia

PL Black

CHP Brzoskwinka. All images from Ewa Michalak’s website.

What can I say, extra money means EXTRA BRAS.

Speaking of bras (not that I’m not ALWAYS speaking of bras on this blog), I’ve decided to slim down my collection. My Freyas do not fit as well as my other bras, and my two Andorras, as much as I hoped they would work, don’t end up being comfortable bras for the entire day. The band always feels okay when I put it on in the morning (though I quickly had to move to the second and eventually the last hook), but in a couple of hours I don’t feel very supported. I’ll either be selling or donating these bras in the near future. While it pained me at first to remove them from my drawer and put them in their own little “does not fit” location,” I’m much happier with a drawer full of bras that fit and feel impeccable. The stragglers were weighing the drawer down! In the future I will try longlines from Freya though, as that is an entirely different fitting experience than wearing their balcony bras.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about video games, so I think I should use this update to mention to everyone that Pokemon White 2 is a fantastic game. It’s Pokemon’s first direct sequel, and I think I was successful on both a story level (an uncomplicated. simple story, but definitely successful) and gameplay level. I mean, sure, it plays like every other newish Pokemon game (which already means it’s fun), except that you can find SO MANY POKEMON it’s overwhelming. Normally the selection of Pokemon to choose from before the Elite Four is a bit small, and I always wish where was a better mixture between the various generations of Pokemon. This game gives you a huge selection of Pokemon from all generations that you can train before the Elite Four. There was a point in which I was training about 13 Pokemon, and realized it was perhaps time to slim down the team. typically during every game of Pokemon I have a “notable” Pokemon, the one that felt like my buddy. This time it was…


Mienshao is just this ultra-badass Fighting type Pokemon that resembles a weasel and Kung-f00 master all at once, no big deal. He is currently level 98, enjoys long walks by the dojo and using High-Jump Kick.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this sporadic post about art, bras and Pokemon, the three main components of my life. I’m now going to eat food, the fourth most important part of my life.