So since I started this blog, I’ve acquired a lot more bras and I’ve tried a lot more brands. Organizing my underwear drawer before was pretty easy before because it was all Freya. Everything looked pretty good and cohesive together because it was all from the same brand. But now I have Panache Superbra, Cleo by Panache, Miss Mandalay, Mimi Holliday, Ewa Michalak, Freya, Masquerade by Panache…

I’m also VERY anal about keeping things organized. My Pokemon card collection is impeccably sorted, my closet is organized by colour and style starting from heaviest clothing to lightest, and my tea jars are all sorted by type (black, white, herbal, green…). I would like to underwear drawer to follow suit, and look good while doing so. This is what I’ve come up with so far!



This kind of just looks like a picture of bras in a drawer, so I made an official diagram labelling each bra!

The worst diagram ever.

Basically, on the left I have my Panache bras, in the middle are Miss Mandalay and Mimi Holliday (the more “luxurious” section) and beside those I have my Freya bras. On the far right are my padded bras, which I determined are best in their own little section regardless of brand. Oh, I guess I didn’t label my sports bra, which is sitting beside the Mimi Holliday box. There are also a couple slips beside my sports bra as well as some bra extenders, removable straps and pads. Why is there a Mimi Holliday box in my drawer? It is where I keep my panties because it makes me feel fancy (and organized).

I’m preeeetty happy with this setup, but it’s still not quite right. It’s organized in that (almost) everything is with its correct brand, but the colours don’t all go together as nicely as I’d like. And now I’m starting to think I sound insane for thinking so much about the organization of my lingerie drawer….


Meh, such is life.