Ewa Michalak PL Cielus Revisited

So a while ago I ordered a replacement for my PL Cielus. It was already a little bit too small when I got it, and since getting a little bit bigger it’s pretty much become impossible to wear. Today my 28G Cielus arrived and I am overjoyed about it.

28G Cielus next to my 28FF Onyks. It looks like a 28G would be best in the Onyks as well, though it is still wearable.

The 28G is pretty mich a perfect fit. The only small problem is that I need to use the second hook because the band feels a bit looser, probably due to the increased cup size. I’m not really bothered by this since the Cielus has four closures, so it still has a long lifespan.

Three quarter view

This bra looks perfect under all my clothing now, and being that it matches my skin tone fairly well, this has officially become my most practical bra. Yay!

I love the shape from the side

So it looks like with Ewa Michalak PL styles I should pretty much stick to a 28G for now. My size seems to have miraculously shrunk overnight (I think it was just a lot of bloating from my period. I was inflated!) and I’m back to being fairly close to what I was before, which is AMAZING. Most of my bras still work, and I know that this bra (and theoretically other PL’s) will also work in this size.

Unfortunately, I stupidly placed an order out of pure excitement for the PL Stalowka in a 28FF. I’ve contacted Ewa Michalak to ask if it’s too late to change it to a 28G. Seriously hoping the results are positive! I think it was only a couple days ago that I placed the order, so I’m hoping they haven’t started constructing it yet. Now I wait anxiously for a reply.