Panache Andorra Reviewed (again)

My replacement 28F Andorras arrived a while ago and I am much happier with them! All the problems I had with the FFs have been solved! They are the pretty and understated everyday bras I had hoped for.

Andorra, front view

The fit in a 28F is just about perfect for me. The cups come up to a comfortable height on my chest and under my arms, and the stretch lace forms to me perfectly. It kind of feels like a constant hug. I don’t need to adjust the straps much, and some wrinkling I was experiencing in the cups in the FF has disappeared. I think I get a bit more lift in this size as well!

Andorra, three-quarter view

The band feels firm enough on the loosest hook of my black andorra, but the lagoon fits best on the second hook unfortunately. The black one still isn’t as firm as my Miss Mandalays or Ewa Michalaks, but sais la vie, such is the life of one in the sub 28 demographic. I’ll probably be moving onto the second hook of the black one fairly soon, so I plan to take extra good care of these bras to extend their life as much as possible. Only one wear  between washes!

Andorra, side view

Design-wise, the Andorra is quite a lovely creature, though my fiancee doesn’t agree about that. He thinks it’s kind of silly looking (but he thinks all lace is silly looking, and full coverage lace is even worse). Compared to the FF, the lace trim at the bottom is smaller. As much as I love the lace trim, it tends to spend most of its time folded up rather than laying flat against my skin, so it’s not perfect but I don’t mind.


Andorra back view

Over all I’m quite happy with these bras. I’ll probably always keep a black Andorra in my collection as long as Panache keeps making them! The other colours are a bit iffy though since they are not quite as firm.

By the way everyone, Miss Mandalay’s fall collection should be launching soon! I’m so excited to get my hands on a few things. Notable mentions are Paris in black and Amelie in Black/Mink. Oh happy days.