Cleo Meg Reviewed

Even though I’ve been in well fitted bras for about a year now, I still get little “bra epiphanies” when I try on a bra I love. They remind me how amazing a brand new, perfectly fitted bra feels, and I remember the first time I ever tried one on. Meg from Cleo by Panache is one of those bras.

Cleo Meg in 28F

Meg is the first Cleo style I’ve been really attracted to. The navy blue colour offset by the bright pops of red is gorgeous in person, and the softer colours in the pattern give it dimension and keep it from being too loud. I’m not sure if I’ve really voiced my strong love for cherry blossoms and asian inspired art, but basically I love it. If any designers are reading this, a semi-sheer balconette featuring a fairly realistic, yet still tattoo inspired cherry blossom print would knock my socks off. Please make this request a reality.

Meg, three-quarter view

Fit-wise Meg is nearly perfect for me. The cups are the absolute perfect size and the band is snug, definitely a tight 28 that feels perfect on the loosest hook. In a 28F this bra closes with three sets of two hooks and eyes. I think Cleo does not move up to three hooks and eyes in GG+ sizes, so if you prefer a thinner band then Cleo, and especially Meg, could be for you! The shape I get from Meg is stellar, and works well with the natural shape of my breasts. I’m full on bottom, but my breasts are very central on my chest, not too far apart or close together. Meg’s shape is very forward and upfront, so for me that means it just takes my boobs and lifts them! No pointing them outward or squishing them in weird directions. The shape is quite perky and gives me more of a “boost” than my other cut-and-sew bras.

Meg, side view

The only tiny issue I have with this bra is that I get some wrinkling and folding fabric a the lower sides of the cups. Thankfully these wrinkles pretty much disappear after about an hour of wear, and I settle into the areas that were a bit empty when I first put the bra on. I took these photos after wearing Meg for maybe six hours, and as you can see there is little to no wrinkling happening. The wrinkles don’t show through my clothing anyway though, and don’t negatively affect the shape or support of the bra.

Meg from the back. Nice firm band

A couple other to note about Meg are the fully adjustable straps, double lined material in the bottom section of the cups, and the adorable sparrow charm at the center gore.

Sparrow charm at the gore. Love it!

I should also mention that my friend and fellow blogger R.K, who normally wears a 30 did find this bra quite tight and wishes she got it in a 32 instead, so you may feel you need to size up in the band with Meg.

I’m completely smitten with this bra, and highly recommend it to anyone looking to inject a bit of fun into their lingerie drawer.