Panache Andorra Not a Complete Success?

When I saw that my two Andorras arrived today I was ecstatic. I rushed into the house, tried them on, and was initially very happy with what I saw.

Panache Andorra in Black, 28FF

The lace is as comfortable as I remembered, and the fit felt nice at first. Yes, only at first…

After I wore the bra for a little while I realized that it did come up rather high on the sides, something I didn’t really notice in my fitting. Eventually I went from just being conscious of the bra, to experiencing some chafing and discomfort. So unfortunately I’ll have to exchange these for 28F’s. This goes to show that sometimes you only discover flaws about the fit of a bra after wearing it for sometime. Even though I was fitted in the Andorra before purchasing I still need to change the size. Fortunately I’m very sure the F’s will fit just fine as the upper section is very stretchy and I have very little fullness at the top of my breasts.

I’ll provide a full review of the bra when my exchange order arrives, but until then a couple details I can share about it are:

  • band is very nice and snug, great option for someone in the 26-28 demographic
  • the pearl colour runs larger in the cup than the black, but the band is just as firm
  • wide wires
  • cups are quite stretchy
  • straps are on the thin side (something my small frame likes!)
  • shape is projected forward yet compact

Here are some photos of the pearl colour. You’ll notice that the top of the upper section of the cup on my smaller side is actually folding over the tiniest bit. Definitely time to size down! What’s weird is that this is not something I experienced in my fitting. I’m wondering if I tried on a 28F in the pearl colour thinking it was an FF?

Panache Andorra in Pearl, 28FF

I’m a bit bummed out that I’ll have to wait 3-4 weeks for the exchange to happen, but oh well. Good things are worth waiting for I suppose!