Colds Suck (But Only Kind Of)

If you can’t tell from the title, I have a cold! This means a couple of things:

  • I can’t think, my head feels like it’s full of sand
  • I’ve got the sniffles, the ear itches, the watery eyes, and the sore throat
  • I’m couch-ridden for most of the day, which has its own pros and cons
  • I don’t have to worry about household chores until I am better (score)
  • My wonderful fiancee is taking care of me (also score!)
  • I watched Pocahontas today for the Billionth time (major score!)
  • My cat and I have been napping on and off together all day (super ultra fantastic score!)

So while I don’t exactly like being completely unproductive, being sick takes away any guilt I would otherwise feel about being unproductive. Thus I am free to watch Pocahontas and etc.

Other than cat naps and Disney, I’ve also been in fairly constant contact with the good people at Figleaves. I mentioned in my previous post that I ordered the lovely Cleo Meg, but I noticed a while after I ordered that Figleaves suddenly had the Andorra in the lagoon colour I initially wanted to order. Perhaps someone returned it because it didn’t fit or something, but there was only one left. I emailed Figleaves and asked if I could tack the Andorra onto the order. They kindly agreed, but there was an issue with the fact that I had already paid for Meg through Paypal (I think they can’t alter Paypal orders). They asked that I just send them my credit information to complete the order. Unfortunately over the course of figuring this order out I’ve been talking to about three different people, so it’s been somewhat difficult to complete the transaction (still in process!). Nevertheless, each person I’ve spoken to has been patient and helpful, and their awesome customer service is one of the reasons I keep returning.

Speaking of Panache, I noticed that a lot of their recent styles are starting at 30 backs. Well, Superbra styles, Cleo and Masquerade all still start at 28’s. I guess it’s just the numbers and what sells that determines what’s made in what sizes and what isn’t, but I definitely could’ve gone for their new Fern bra in my size. The print is wicked.

Panache Fern bra for a/w 2012

On top of this, Bravissimo also seems to be leaving out a lot of 28’s this season. Over all, this doesn’t bode well with me. I know businesses don’t like losing opportunities to make money, so is there really not enough of an audience for more 28’s? Or it is more to do with there being so many people in the wrong size? Oh the complications of lingerie.