Tower Of Heaven, The Best Game Music Ever? And Cleo Meg

It’s no secret among my friends that I love chip tune music. Take a any song, remake it in chip-tune style, and I will probably love it. So when I heard the music for the indie game Tower of Heaven I was blown away.

Tower of Heaven artwork

Tower of Heaven has a really cool premise. You’re this neat looking little guy with a big head and your goal is to get to the top of a tower. It’s a 2D side scrolling platformer in an old school graphical style, in which a large part of the gameplay is performing pixel perfect jumps to continue in each level and make it higher up the tower. The twist is there’s this voice talking to you, and this voice does not want you to climb to the top of the tower. As you advance, this voice keeps making new laws that if broken equal certain death. For example, he might say to you “Thou shalt not walk left.” From this point on for the rest of the game (unless the voice says otherwise) if you walk left you are then struck by lightning and die. Thankfully the music does not loop each time you die, because you will die A LOT in this game, and that would just be damned annoying. Each stage is also fairly short, so you don’t feel overwhelmed, like you’re not learning enough about the level to advance amongst your semi-constant deaths.

Gameplay shot of Tower of Heaven

It’s a fairly short game that you can beat in one sitting if you’re patient enough to deal with all the dying. I honestly wish it was longer because I enjoyed it so much. I definitely feel that this game would not have been as great had the music not been so amazing though. I honestly listen to this music on a weekly basis (at least!), and since hearing it my standards for video game music have increased considerably.

On a completely unrelated note, I tried on the Cleo Meg, and decided it is fantastic.

Cleo Meg. Image taken from Asos.

I also did a bunch of banking and budgeting, and discovered actually have quite a bit of spare cash (for more bras of couse), so consider this purchased and expect a review in a week or two! It’s about time I got a bra with a sparrow/cherry blossom pattern, as I quite love it!

Anyone have a specific print they’d like to see on a bra? If not print, maybe a colour? I could also really go for a grey mesh bra personally (like claudette or miss mandalay kind of mesh bra).