Mimi Holliday Arielle Comfort bra Review

Lots of reviews going on here! I can’t believe how positive they’ve all been, and this one is no different. I’ve finally had some luck with Mimi Holliday! The fit of Arielle is much much better than any of their bras I’ve tried in the past. Another plus is that it’s also my favourite design from Mimi that I’ve tried.

Arielle! And thanks to photoshop I am nippleless

The colour is this beautiful moss green in real life. It’s very deep yet subtle all at once. At a glance it might be mistaken for black, but then you stop and say “wait, there’s something more interesting about this.” The lace is delicate and very comfortable, and the leafy design makes me feel like a forest elf (anything that makes me feel more like I’m part of a high fantasy novel, the better).

Three-quarter view of Arielle

The shape is very minimizing. I happened to have been wearing my PL Onyks a while before putting on Arielle, so when I showed my fiancee he was kind of amazed at how much one can manipulate the size of their chest. In one if my looser fitting v-necks I look tiny in Arielle, whereas in Onyks my chest could not be mistaken for tiny by any means. Bras can do magical things! (but we all know that right?)

Back view! I swear I’m about to explain why I am wearing it on the tightest hook! Oh, and don’t mind my awkward marks from my sports bra.

Now as you can see… I am wearing this on the tightest hook. I’m committing a bra crime here, but it’s a crime done out of love! I can wear it on the second tightest hook around the house, but if I want to wear it when I’m out and about I prefer the tightest. This is probably the comfiest bra that I own, so I am completely willing to wear it on the tightest hook until I decide it needs to be altered. Compared to my previous experiences trying to fit into Mimi Holliday lingerie, this is a huge jump forward. The central gore lies flat, I get enough support to wear it out of the house, no gaping quadboob in sight. Aside from an unfortunately stretchy band, this is a big success.

Do you ever make fit compromises for lingerie you love? I didn’t even feel like I had a choice in the matter. Arielle is just too damn lovely.