Ewa Michalak PL Onyks Reviewed

The fit of the Onyks is perfect. The cups are the perfect size, band is perfectly firm, and it comes with these awesome foam-padded straps that are SO COMFY.

PL Onyks from the front, size 28FF

The only complaint about the Cielus I had was that the cups are a tad too small. The Onyks is that tiny bit bigger, and it is perfection. Not only is the fit perfect, but the design is beautiful and sleek. I think it might be because this bra has no sheen to it (other than the trim at the very top of the cups) but it looks blacker than black. I love how dark and refined it is.

Onyks 3-quarter view. This bra makes me look crazy pale (which I kind of enjoy)

The padding is a tiny bit thicker than that of the Cielus, and it also comes with removable push-up pads to correct asymmetry or if you feel like looking a little umphy. All these photographs are taken without the push-up pads. I doubt I’ll really be utilizing them, but they’re good to keep around just in case! This bra also comes with a set of normal straps and a halter strap. So handy to have a bra that can be worn so many different ways!

Side view of the Onyks

While the fit of this bra is perfect, I prefer the shape of the Cielus slightly. The Onyks is a bit more projected, and the slightly thicker padding adds some volume to my chest. I still like this shape a lot though, and it passed the test of being worn under a tight camisole today without me feeling self conscious of my chest (it also kept me comfy during my class that began at 8:30 AM).

Onyks from the back. I have to tighten the comfort straps all the way up.

The set of normal straps that you can attach in place of the comfort straps are fully adjustable, as is the halter strap. The bra closes with three sets of two hooks and eyes. I found this band to be a tiny bit more snug than the Cielus, but since the Cielus has four rows of hooks, they might a well be the same. This is a very versatile bra that I’m so glad to own. It’s about time I have a reliable black bra.

EDIT: I thought I’d update with a picture of what the Onyks is like with the fully adjustable straps. I find I get a better shape with these straps and wish I could tighten the comfort straps further. If you compare with the pictures above you’ll notice the shape is a bit rounder and uplifted.

More uplift and a bit less projection than with the looser straps