Ewa Michalak PL Cieluś Reviewed

I wore my PL Cielus to work yesterday and am happy to report that it remained comfortable throughout my entire shift. I didn’t even feel like taking it off last night to go to sleep (alas, I did).

Cielus from the front

I only have one tiny issue with this bra, and it’s that it comes up small in the cup.  I don’t mind especially because it doesn’t really create any problems under clothing. The only time double-boobing is really apparent is if I take a really deep breath or lean very far back. That said, if it was just a teensy bit bigger it’d be perfect.

Cielus on a 3-quarter view

What I love about the Cielus is that the shape is surprisingly natural for a padded bra, especially when all I’ve heard about Ewa Michalak is that her bras create a very round, upfront shape. It’s a very lifted shape and the bra gives a lovely cleavage that isn’t too overwhelming (not quite a deco level of cleavage). Another thing I love? The colour of this bra actually comes very close to matching my skin. This is super rare as I’m the palest person I know.

Cielus from the side. I managed to capture the double boob effect in this one. It actually looks quite nice under lower necklines! If I were to order this bra again though I might opt for a 28G

The straps on the Cielus are fully adjustable, and the bra closes with four rows of 2 hooks and eyes. I can manage to close it on the second set of hooks at this point and it’s most comfortable on the first, so I have a feeling this bra is going to last me quite a long time. The padding is not heavy and doesn’t add much volume to my chest, which of course is pleasing to me. The wires feel similar in width to the deco, but the materials of this bra are softer and thus more comfortable to me.

Back view of the Cielus. Perfect fit from the band,

As you can see I barely had to adjust the straps on this bra. This is largely because the cups are a tad small, so if I tighten the straps up the double-boob effect becomes an issue. Luckily it is perfectly comfortable this way, and there’s almost no weight on my shoulders. Over all, I’m thrilled about this bra.