So my Ewa Michalak bras arrived today ( PL Cielus and PL Onyks both in 28FF) and HOLY SMOKES I am over the moon. I can’t believe how much I prefer these to the CH and CHP styles. They give a great cleavage without making me feel like my boobs are all over the place, and the colour of the Cielus actually comes very close to matching my pale skin. The Onyks comes with these awesome padded straps that are super comfy, as well as a set of normal straps and a halter strap! They give a surprisingly natural shape in the smaller end of full bust cup sizes. I was expecting something extremely round, but it’s more “rounded” and “lifted” while still looking like a fairly natural breast.

The fit of the band is superb. I’m glad I went with the 28 instead of 26 as they seem very tight. It probably would have been difficult for me to breath in a 26!

I’ll post a full review after I’ve worn the bras a couple of times, don’t want to jump the gun! But… maybe I already have. I guess it’s a bit late to take back my declaration of love. Oh well.

Happy cat is happy for me.