Old Favourites and Saying Good-Bye

I was thinking it might be fun to make a scrapbook or something of styles gone by that I love, but for whatever reason was unable to get my hands on. Whether it be because I’m sized out of the range or it’s a fashion style that’s out of production, sometimes I like to remember them and just bask in their awesomeness. For instance…

Mimi Holliday Sea Breeze Shoulder bra. Had I known of Mimi Holliday’s existence a little earlier, I could’ve snapped this up in my size. Oh well!

The Lato! I asked for the PL version to be sewed in a 28FF, but unfortunately Ewa did not have the materials to make this bra anymore. Too bad!

Freya Nieve Longline bra. Guh I wanted this bra so badly. I also want the model in this picture, she’s so adorable!

I think I’d feel generally better about never being able to own these if I instead made something out of them. Other stands outs are Miss Mandalay’s Mia, which starts at a 30 back, and Mimi Holliday’s Fizz Gig comfort bra and Bellini shoulder bra. This way I can also keep a record of all my favourite lingerie pieces that have passed. I might also consider including photos of my favourite pieces that I own, just to keep record of them long after they’re worn out and unwearable.

Speaking of worn out and unwearable, how do y’all deal with your favourite bras dying? I was a little heart broken when I moved my Freya Loretta to the middle hooks, and that’s just the middle! Though sometimes lately I feel like putting it on the tightest… needless to say I’m pretty bummed about this and am already looking into replacement options for when it bites the dust. Right now I’m leaning toward this…

Love Claudette Dessous in Seafoam, coming out in Spring/Summer 2013. Image taken from Claudette’s website


What Katie Did Clarice bra in Seafoam

Apparently a 32 in What Katie Did stretches to approximately 27 inches because they use vintage sizing methods (or something, don’t quote me on that!). I’m giving their sizing a shot with an inexpensive ebay purchase, so I’ll be sure to report back on how it works out! Hope it does, because this bra is so lovely. It comes in a pretty blush colour as well.

What do you all think of keeping a scrapbook of great styles gone by? And what do you do/how do you feel when a favourite bra bites the dust?