Mimi Holliday Autumn/Winter 2012 and Thoughts on Appearance

Mimi Holliday’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection is up and boy is it beautiful! I mentioned a while ago that I was interested in Elferine and Arielle, and here they are!

Elferine comfort bra

Arielle comfort bra

Initially I thought I would go for Elferine. It’s colour is so bold, and I really do want a green bra. But I ended up going with Arielle. I placed my order this morning with the credit I still had from a returned sale item. This time I ordered both 28F and FF, so hopefully one of those works otherwise no Arielle for me! Its colour is very interesting, and I have a feeling photography couldn’t quite capture it. The description refers to it as a deep green, but in some photographs it looks blueish, others it’s more grey. So I will have to see what it is really like when it arrives! Whether it looks more blue, green or grey, I don’t really mind, it’s just such a neat alternative to black whatever it is!

Arielle again, looking more grey

I also want to briefly talk about a thought I had the other day. I was thinking about how I don’t really enjoy male attention very much (male sexual attention, I should say), but I do put some thought and care into my appearance. I mean, I wear some make up, I care about how my clothes look on me at least a bit, and overall enjoy looking somewhat feminine. So I was wondering why I care at all if I’m not seeking the attention of men. And then I remembered that humans are very complicated, and that there’s no reason to jump to the conclusion that everything revolves around sexuality just because we’re so interested in it. The thing that makes me very confident that putting effort into ones appearance does not correspond to showing off to the opposite/interested sex is that asexual people put effort into their appearance as well as hetero or homosexual people. Tim Gunn of Project Runway, for instance, is very stylish and thoughtful of his appearance, but considers himself an asexual person. Until I’m given reason to believe otherwise, I’m considering that evidence enough to feel comfortable putting effort into my appearance without feeling at odds with myself over what it implies.

Though don’t get me wrong, there is a time when people DO alter their appearance specifically for  sexual attention, like when you’re looking to meet someone to fool around with (this concept is alien to me as an introverted little nerd, but apparently it happens), and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t contradicting my thoughts with my actions, and I can happily say that I am not!

Tim Gunn looking stylish as hell

Oh, so I’m trying to decide what bra to review next, but I’m having a difficult time choosing. I was thinking Freya Pollyanna, but that might be unnecessary since it’s old and I think enough information about its fit exists already. Another thought is Cleo by Panache Ellie half cup. I could review why it didn’t work for me, who it might work for instead, etc. Or I could just wait until Arielle comes and review that, or just blog about all three of them! Anyone have any preferences?