Miss Mandalay Paige Reviewed

From a bra that didn’t quite work to MY NEW FAVOURITE BRA. For real. I love this bra so much that after wearing it for a couple hours to confirm its awesomeness I ordered the yellow colourway from bravissimo.

Paige in 28F. The slight pillowing on the left breast was fixed by loosening the straps just a bit. I had them tightened up almost all the way, which turned out to be unnecessary

One of the best things about this bra? The band is very firm. I think it’s tighter than any bra I’ve tried, so for anyone in the 26-28 back range, this is a fantastic option. It closes with three rows of two hooks, pretty standard for a 28F. The straps are partly adjustable which worked fine for me, so this bra will work for petite women.

Natural, understated shape. More rounded than most of my freya balcony bras

Now it’s time to just gush about how pretty this thing is. The colour, the trimmings, the seams, everything! I love it all. It’s a great take on such a classic, basic shape. I really have a thing for coral lately though, so I might be a tad biased toward it! The trimmings are a really nice light, creamy beige colour, which compliments the coral nicely. One thing I love about this bra is that it’s a bit lower cut than my other balcony bras, so I should be able to wear this under more clothing.

Bad photo, but check out the fit in the back! Perfect. The straps were actually a bit too tight when I shot these photos. I prefer them to be a bit looser.

I’ve heard from a few locations online that the cups run small, but I completely disagree. The depth and size feels normal, comparable to freya or panache. It’s just that the ribbon at the top of the cups will dig in if you’re fuller on top. Perhaps sizing up would fix this, but I think it would just create other fit problems elsewhere. I also found that the top section is no where near as tight as many freyas, so it’s worth trying even if you’ve found the upper sections of freya bras too tight.

I’m so taken with this bra I’m having a hard time thinking of things to write about it! Just trust me, if your shape is anything like mine, this bra is awesome.