Mimi Holliday Mojito Review

This bra gave me many problems, but I managed to make it work for me. I may not have put in all the effort if it weren’t so darned cute though, just look at this thing!

Mimi Holliday Mojito Comfort bra in 28FF

So the problems with this bra were:

  • Wires did not sit flat
  • Straps too loose, could not tighten them enough
  • Cups a bit baggy, partly because of the straps, party they were just a bit too big
  • Fabric from the sides of the cups dug into my arm pits

Okay! So that’s a lot of problems. Luckily these problems were all countered by the fact that it is extremely comfortable (aside from the fabric digging into the armpits) and it is adorable. I managed to fix most of the problems and am now happy to wear it, though it will primarily be a home bra because it is just not as supportive as most of my bras.

Fixing the straps wasn’t hard. I just took out the seams where the front part of the strap met the adjustable part and tightened them. You can see my news seams in the picture above! I could’ve picked a colour of thread that would be less noticeable, but I didn’t really care. Doing this fixed almost all the bagginess in the cups, and improved the shape very much. Sorry I don’t have any pictures from before the alteration! I was in a rush to wear it.

Mojito after alteration. Pretty nice fit!

The cups were still a bit too open at the top at this point, and with the newly tightened straps I found that the sides of the bra were digging into my armpits. So I decided to wash this bra in hotter water than I should in hopes that it would shrink the cups a little bit. And luckily for me, it did. It rests more comfortably near my armpits now, and the tops of the cups don’t gape open so easily.

front view!

Unfortunately, the gore still doesn’t sit flat and I think this is because the wires are so thin. Normally thin wires work for me, but these are ridiculously flimsy. An upside to the way this bra doesn’t completely tack to me is that it is extremely comfy. It’s a light level of support, but that’s all I really need at home. For those of you who don’t know, Mimi Holliday is quite expensive, so I wouldn’t really recommend keeping one of their bras that didn’t fit perfectly. I got this on sale, and there were some other circumstances that made keeping it a good idea, so it was okay in my case.

Side view. Pretty round shape

The band is firm, and has 4 sets of 1 hook closures. Yup, just one hook. But once again, it is very comfortable partly because of this, even though you don’t get maximum support. The materials are so soft that it almost feels like I’m wearing nothing despite this bra being quite tight.

So in the end I’m happy with this bra, but do wish the gore would lay flay and that the cups were just a bit smaller. I’m not sure if an F  would’ve been better or too small though, but it wasn’t available in that size anyway. Next time I order from Mimi Holliday, if I have the option, I’ll be sure to order two sizes to compare which fits better and send back the other. And let me just say… they have two green lace comfort bras coming up in their autumn/winter season. TWO. One is a dark mossy green with a bit of a blue tone (arielle), and the other is a bright vibrant green (elferine). Boy am I excited to get my hands on them! Hopefully the sizing ends up working out better in that shape, as the Mojito was not a perfect success.