So if any of you were wondering…

Why would I pick a name like Windie? More importantly, why would I pick Windie Gardie? Well…

Arcanine the Pokemon. Its Japanese pronunciation is Windie

When I was picking a name for this blog I wanted it to be something original, kind of ethereal, whimsical… and if it can relate to Pokemon then all the better! I like Arcanine very much, and when I remembered that its Japanese name is pronounced “Windie” I was all over it! Problem was, I didn’t think of a last name. So I kind of impulsively chose Arcanine’s basic form, Growlithe, whose Japanese name is pronounced “Gardie”.

Growlithe, Japanese name pronounced Gardie

What I ended up with was a very strange sounding name. But despite it not exactly rolling off the tongue, I rather like it. The more I use the name the more it grows on me.

P.S, My Mimi Holliday exchange order arrived! I’ll post a review of it very soon.