As the title suggests, I’m back! This isn’t going to be a lengthy post, just a quick hello!

My time at the cottage pretty much consisted of swimming, playing bomber man, weaving bracelets (they may have been my little pony themed…) and playing various boardgames. Oh, we also spent the first two days there without power because a giant storm passed over us. A bolt of lightning actually struck a tree in the yard next to us and it split in half. REALLY cool.

The time without power was also really fun. We just played cards and talked, and of course went to town for some groceries because we were all woefully unprepared for a lack of electricity food-wise. Ahh the joys of noodle cups with water boiled over a fireplace… I miss it already! Unfortunately it’ll be a year before I get to go back. I missed my cat so much though that there’s no way I could’ve stayed any longer than I did.

Anyone else play bomber man? Specifically bomber man 2. Anyone else know how FUN bomber man is? SO FUN.