First Mimi Holliday Order Didn’t Quite Work

I’ve mentioned a couple times that I had some Mimi Hollidays on their way. They arrived last Friday and I was VERY excited to try them on. Just look at how pretty these things are!

Kir Royale shoulder bra

Blue Lagoon maxi bra

Unfortunately, neither one fit me. The Kir Royale was too small in a 28FF (though the picture above is actually an F. My friend and I ordered together to split the shipping, and my FF fit her so I’m exchanging her F), so I’ll actually need a G in their shoulder bras. If anyone reading this is thinking about ordering a shoulder bra, size up! Technically I have to size up one and a half times, being that I’m in between an F and FF. The Maxi bra however was too big in a 28FF, but since they aren’t made in 28F’s I’ll have to return this for a completely different item. I’m not too down about neither of these bras fitting because I’m actually going to replace them with two bras I like even more. Enter the Whiskery Sour shoulder bra and Mojito comfort bra!

Whiskey Sour


I’m super excited to get the return process going. Want these on my body now please.