Ewa Michalak’s CHP Kurczak Reviewed

I really did want to like this bra. It has a lot going for it: The colour is bright and fun, the band is firm, and the cups fit nicely. So why did I decide to re-sell it? Well…

The Kurczak fron the front

This bra is kind of shiny in person, something I didn’t realize based on the photo on ewa michalak’s website. I’m personally not a fan of shinier bras, and prefer a more matte finish. I do like the colour though and hope to have a different yellow bra some time in the future. I also didn’t notice the pink pompom in the center gore of the bra, though that is completely my fault. The pompom is a bit much for me personally. I would have been satisfied with a button, bow, or maybe a small flower.

Kurczak on a three-quarter view

The shape of the Kurczak is very round and projected. This is fine if that’s what you look for in a bra, but I wasn’t really prepared for that. I feel like my breasts are kind of on display when I wear lower cut tops with this. Even in something higher cut that shows no cleavage, I find the shape to be too much for me. I like to go for bras that minimize my breasts but this bra does pretty much the opposite. To compare it to the deco, I find I get much more cleavage with the deco, but the shape isn’t as projected as this so I’m not really bothered by it. It’s the projection of this bra that I dislike.

The Kurczak from the side

Despite getting some considerable lift from this bra, I found that there was quite a bit of jiggle action happening. Maybe if I was able to tighten the straps more I could’ve prevented some of this, but the straps are only partly adjustable. I have tried half cups (like the Cleo Juna or Ellie) where I didn’t experience much jiggling, so I don’t know if I can blame the fact that it’s a half cup style on this issue.

I should mention that I bought this in a 30F and find the fit is very nice. I was shocked to see that this bra is actually tighter than some of my 28’s from Freya (and not even the loose Freyas, the firm ones!) However, I also got the CH Lato (which I also sold. sad because it was BEAUTIFUL) at the same time in the same size, and I definitely needed at least a 28FF, might’ve been able to pull off a 26G. So I definitely recommend sizing up in the band with this bra. It’s important for me to do so because I have little fat tissue at my underbust. A 28 probably would’ve been painful.

Just a side note… my fiancee referred to this as the Ronald McDonald bra… yeah. I don’t agree with him! The lace is hot pink, not red! I think the colours are pretty cute actually.

So to conclude, this is not a bad bra. In fact, it’s a very good bra if you’re looking for a round, projected shape with some jiggly cleavage. If you dig the bright yellow with a bit of sheen and the pink pompom, you are in business with this bra. I should also speak to the construction of this bra. I feels very well made, firm, and like a lot of thought was put into the location and shape of the seams. I really look forward to trying other shapes by ewa michalak.


PS! My Mimi Holliday bras came today! I’ll post about them sometime later. Neither fit, but I’m exchanging them with two other that are almost sure to.