Freya Luisa Reviewed

I decided to make the Luisa my first official review because I haven’t seen a review of this bra yet. I’m not sure why, because this bra is pretty great! So I am taking it upon myself to tell the internet of its greatness.

Luisa from the front

I have the Luisa in a 28F, and it is a good fit. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I look for bras that run tight in the back and large in the cup. This bra is about half way there. The top of the cups usually cut in ever so slightly (though right now my breasts are going through a bit of a small phase, so they actually fit perfectly), and the band feels good on the second hook (I need a 26 band, so that’s not bad!). Though I’m happy to say that I’ve had this bra for a couple months and it hasn’t really stretched too much. I should stress that this bra does not run loose like some of freya’s other new styles, it’s just not one of their firmest bras.

Luisa from a three-quarter view

Despite this bra usually cutting in ever-so slightly at the tops of the cups, it does not show under clothes or affect my comfort. In fact, this is an extremely comfortable bra. I can wear it for twelve hours or more and not feel like ripping it off. I don’t even want to take it off at all it’s so comfortable! The wires at the sides come up to the perfect height for me, containing all side boob without digging into my armpits (I’m quite petite, so I find I have this problem with a lot of bras). The lace panels at the top of this bra are very soft, probably the softest lace I’ve seen in any freya bras yet. The fabric in the bottom sections feels silky while still being firm enough to feel that I’m supported.

Luisa from the side

As you can see, Luisa gives a naturally uplifted shape without being too pointy. I find that it looks great under v-necks, scoop necks, or camisoles, but doesn’t look great with anything too high cut (like a t-shirt). This works really well for me because most of my wardrobe is make up of camisoles, cardigans, v-necks and hoodies! This is my preferred shape from bras as I find it’s pretty minimizing under clothing. I think this bra runs “true to size.” The lace supper section is pretty tight though, so breasts that are fuller on top might have issues there. Mine are fuller on bottom and they still cut in a little bit when I’m at my average size. Overall I REALLY like this bra, definitely recommended if you feel it would suit your shape.