Introducing my Bras

As I promised in my first post, I will now take the time to introduce you to all of my bras! A couple things to note beforehand:

-You might notice that all of my bras, with the exception of my sports bra, are Freyas. I have tried other brands, including Cleo and Masquerade by Panache, Ewa Michalak and Fitfully Yours, but I was never completely satisfied with them. I got an unfair impression of Ewa though, as I ordered CH half cups and it turns out I just don’t like they shape they give me. I have two plunges on the way (PL Onyks and PL Cielus) which I bet I’ll like much more.

So without further adieu, let’s start the introductions!

My freya pollyannas!

Pollyanna by Freya is probably my favourite basic bra, and I’m hoping to add a white one into the mix soon. I have both of these in a 28F and they fit me perfectly. When I shop for bras, I look for bands that run tight, and cups that run a  bit large (or a bit small, as I can get them in a FF instead of F). Pollyanna ticks both of those boxes, with a nice tight band and generous cups. Unfortunately though, freya has discontinued this style in all colours except white. You can still find the other colours floating around ebay though.

Freya Lacey

This is Freya Lacey, also in a 28F. I love lacey. I’ve had this bra for about 6 months and I can still wear it on the loosest hook without any issues. Lacey functions as a nude bra, but looks great at the same time. I also get awesome uplift in this bra, giving a natural but somewhat rounded shape. This bra also has a tight band and pretty generous cups.

Freya Loretta

Freya’s Loretta is probably the prettiest thing in my underwear drawer. This is it in a 28F, and man do I wish I  could find another in my size. But Loretta ain’t just looks, she’s functional too. I find I get the best shape from this bra of all my unlined bras. It’s very round considering it has no padding, but it still manages to look natural. The band runs tight, but I wish that the wires came up a bit higher at the sides. The fit is fine regardless, but if they came up just a bit higher it would be perfect.

Freya Jolie!

Freya’s Jolie in black! The band is not quite as firm as I would like, but I find the fabric is stiff enough that I still get a good fit from it, though I moved to the middle hook quite soon after buying it. I have this in a 28FF because I find the cups run quite small. However, I did try this in white as well and found the fit to be too big in a FF. I think the dye shrinks this bra a bit, though that ended up being a  positive thing for me! The shape I get from this is rounder than most of my other bras, and the seams disappear pretty well under clothing, so I usually use this as a t-shirt bra.

Freya’s Luisa

The Luisa is not quite as firm as I would like in the band, but I definitely wouldn’t call it loose. It work for me in a 28F and my underbust measurement is 26 in. It’s a pretty bra that gives a nice, natural uplifted shape. It looked a bit too pointy for my taste the first time I put it on, but it rounded out pretty quickly. The blue lace at the top of the cups is super soft, however it does dig into the top of my breasts very slightly. It’s not bad enough that it shows under clothing and it causes me no discomfort, so I don’t mind at all. Another thing about this bra is that is is REALLY comfortable. After 12 hours of wear it causes me no discomfort, and I don’t even want to take it off at the end of the day.

Shock Absorber Sports bra. Kind of impossible to make this look elegant, even on a white puffy background.

Shock Absorber shorts bra in a 32D. No idea why this fits, must run very tight. It does it’s job and keeps my boobs from bouncing about when I jog. Not much to say about it other than that.

Finally, my Deco and Ashlee

Whew, this is the last of them. This is my Ocean Blue Deco and Ashlee. The Deco is a 28F, but the Ashlee is an FF as I find it runs small in the cup. The band on the deco is too loose for me and I have to wear it on the tightest hook (I’m going to have it altered sometime soon). The Ashlee’s band is a bit looser than my other bras, but it works for me on the middle hook. Both of these bras give me a super uplifted round shape, and I actually get cleavage from them (cleavage is something I don’t tend to get from bras at all). At the moment Ashlee is actually too big for me in the cups because my boobs seem to be going through a smallish phase, so I’m hoping I’ll expand a bit soon and be able to fill it out once more. I’m hoping the Ewa Michalak plunges I have coming both give a good shape and fit well, because if so I’ll probably use Ewa as my padded plunge brand since neither of these bras are perfect for me.

These you go! Now you’ve seen all of my bras and had to hear what I have to say about each of them. I plan on posting full reviews of some of these in the future (especially Luisa, since I haven’t found a review of it in the full bust community yet) so if you’re interested in getting any of these bras and want me to review them soon just let me know! I actually have a couple of Mimi Hollidays on their way since they have their big sale happening right now, so I’ll post about them when they arrive. Hopefully in the fall I’ll also get to try Miss Mandalay, which I hear runs tight in the back (and their designs are beautiful).