Oh my gosh, I’ve started a blog! This is strange.

Hi world! I’m Windie, and this here blog of mine will generally be about lingerie and video games. Hopefully there is a demographic for such a combination, otherwise I’m screwed. I live in Canada, and any Canadian who is into bra fitting knows that the selection of nice bras here is sparse (especially if you wear a 26-28 band like me!). I find myself relying on reviews supplied by the lingerie blogging community to figure out what bras, size and brands I should be ordering online. I’m starting this blog to contribute to the blogging community and add my own share of reviews to help others like me. I also plan on talking about my favourite video games, what I’m currently playing, and possibly gush about my favourite animes.

I hope the lingerie blogging community will accept a little nerd like me! Stay tuned for my next post where I will introduce you to my lingerie drawer.